Ablaze (feat. Karmic Basis)

from Reaching for the Sun by burnt



Check the first single released from our forthcoming new album featuring longtime Burnt collaborator Karmic Basis (ugleetroof.bandcamp.com). Inspired by the current sepia-colored slow-motion apocalypse... like a molten king of well done carbonaceous deep fried sonic flambe, this smoldering audio briquette is ready to soothe Burnt ears…Enjoy!


Out thru the window
Watch the circus
Madness is now upon us
A 2020 ton tiger-by-the-tail-type-moment
The rats ate thru the kitchen
Now they're on to the foundation
Won't be long before they hollow out the legs of this nation
I'm a lifeboat
Light out on the water like hope
Like a reason
Not to let go of that rope
Ride on 'till morning
Rise up like the dawning
See the sun shining that's a sign that says
Babylon burning

Babylon burning
Babylon burning
They have no water

Babylon burning
Babylon burning
They have no water

Over the wall now
Out beyond the point-of-no-return
Too little too late
Too corrupted to be saved
It won't be long now
No we don't belong now
A stranger in a strange land
We leaving Babylon now
Get on the lifeboat
Light out on the water
Hope floats
We a go reason
Seize upon the season
The iron is hot
Strike the match that lit the flame to burn it down
And start all over once again yeah

Babylon burning
Babylon burning
They have no water

Babylon burning
Babylon burning
They have no water

Hotta gettin' hotta we
Fail this basic chemistry
Guilty me
I don’t feel I deserve a subtle sympathy
I yearn to do the most
Prosperity feeling hoaxed
Racin' hard with the rats
Too financially attached for distracts
It's big tax
We balance acts
With god facts
Or righteous hopes
Prophetic quotes
Get us from pinned against the ropes
When every day's a title bout
To punch the system in the mouth
Merrily merrily life is but a organized grind
No social charity
Life’s within confinement’s of the mind
All at the same damn time
I’m feelin' shackled lackin' faith
Hopin' that when ash settle
I’ll be lampin livin' great
Still a dreamer

Against all odds I'm still a dreamer
While Babylon burn still a dreamer


from Reaching for the Sun, track released September 12, 2020
Vocals: dFranx & Karmic Basis
Bass: Karthik "fierce fingers" Suresh
Keys: Nathan McCoy
Eagle Ear: Rob LaPorte
Production: Jamal Siurano
Cover Art: Jimmy Ovadia (instagram.com/theartofjimmyovadia)


all rights reserved



burnt California

BURNT music is a psychedelic and soulful blend of reggae, ska, punk and hip-hop sounds. Inspired by DIY artist subculture, this California based band has independently produced 10 albums of original music. Originally formed in 2003, BURNT continues to tour extensively on the west coast of the U.S. and Canada. ... more


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