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by Burnt

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number one 02:55
as it ponds As it pools From here to there From me to you As in ocean And in sea Its in you And its in me Just like the water Be like the water Just like the water now Be like the water As in rain Then in snow Back and forth To and fro The river flow From the stream First to boil Then to steam Inna my town There is a mademoiselle Every day she go to the well When the bucket go down And come up dry She don't understand No she never know why The swell get big It come from south She rides the waves Until the sun go down The moon come out The fire light She and him They go dance all night The tied was low She touch the reef The two of them Slept on the beach In morning time The tide was high A smile he wears While the tears he cry
boombox 04:27
we don't go to work today we don't stay asleep we just wanna live one day in freaky harmony we don't go to market no we don't spend a dime we just wanna celebrate the present until time musical movement for rebellion what we seed revolution happen everyone dancing in the street we don't need no guns no bombs we don't need no strife we just know that leave the whole world bleeding from their eyes we don’t want no slavery we don’t want no crime we just need a way to uplift all of humankind we don't need no shytstem no exploitation of the earth we don't wanna hear about how much your oil is worth we just know the world is one so we gonna have some fun we not gonna stop until the walls come crashing down we just need a boombox we just need a beat then we shake our arms and legs and move our dancing feet we just need a guitar we just need a bass we just need a drummer now we smashing up the place when all the bands are playing and all the singers sing with all the DJs spinning oh what a funky scene the people and the music taking over town and they could never stop us cause we got the numbers now
amsterdam 03:31
in amsterdam the movies played to nobody the people stayed outside today the sun was high a glistening gleam was in your eye paris london italy no one did things differently but holland had a holiday the scales they seemed to float away and once again my eyes could see the universe infinity dinosaurs and collard greens fingertips and french kissing yes once again my eyes could see the universe infinity ghengis khan sunflower seeds moving lips and melodies in danish town on halloween the pumpkins danced so merrily outside last night the moon was high the stuff of life fell from your eyes paris london italy no one did things differently but amsterdam this holiday sweet harmony just sang away
mumia 03:52
mumia one born in philadelphia one gift to communicate with word speaking out against oppression oh god that you would do the same one day inna roadblock one brother is there trouble in the air and when the bullets blast confusion oh god who is the victim there voice of the voiceless singin hold your heart open speak truth to power and shine your light upon the world one sitting there in judgement one stands as the heavy gavel fell no mercy for the guilty oh god here come the hooded men one living life in bondage one cage too small to silence truth one more battle in the struggle oh god when shall we see the day
leaflyfe 03:46
i'm on the southside of cal in that indo state if you ain't from around here its hard to hate homegrown picking trees at a discount rate full blown clones and seeds cultivating for pay hit the air in the scene natural blends of green i'm all about the quick business back to the money machine keep em counting dubs pile up fast i've been snitched on once so we hide the cash prop 215 we abuse it well keeping smokers out of jail cause my piss test fail and i know the hot spots where they serve for low some call it water growth but for short its dro libated from them buds that we grow so nice keefe lookin all white like some chopped up ice home of the northern lights mixed strands and types 420 on the dot provoke the leaflyfe this is the life and this is the light burning high grade all through the night this life and this is the light making everyone feel alright up on the north side of cal they got farms for green ten foot tall stalks in a field of dreams they got hills full of rebels all trying to grow cause it don't take much sun soil and soul he got sick of the grind started doing the math now its blunts of skunk and big chunks of hash street kids selling glass home blown and such Dmac on a spliff with a proper crutch at the clinic on the block edibles for sale they got og kush cross ginger ale say herb for wine stay high all day the cops just watchin as we blaze away bay buds ain't scarce i got mine for free for living all smiles just naturally in the sunshine state we still struggle and strife got one more reason to live the leaflyfe
do you remember last september when you loved me so tender lover remember soft summer sleep layin awake underneath love stained sheets melting skin sweating sweet knowing forever we will be now comes the fall i'm one with the leaves floatin on the breeze that means i've got to go and if i had the money honey id strap you in beside me and never ever leave you at home all alone and cryin
begin again 05:16
we all have answers wrapped in questions all loves beauty lies within all the secrets i have sheltered stay inside my shallow friend day of beauty night of silence crashing down begin again simple as a yellow flower grass is orange begin again here comes the big red fireball i'm gonna be alright storm clouds build the whole night thru i'm gonna be alright raindrops soak the whole way thru i'm gonna be alright here's a nice spot to put down roots now the blue sky screams in anger and the sirens sound alarm on this journey we have taken will we find out who we are and will knowing change our answers and the questions that we ask or will knowing leave us speechless timeless now without a past
awake in the morning alive and i'm moving this life is for living daylights a burnin so rise like the dawning this trains a-leaving a wave on the ocean original motion get up it going stand up keep pushin moves i'm making cause the clock ain't waiting tick tock hold on to let go belong to the beat that you long to behold see the window she is open and the rain she's coming in still in upfull dreams and visions breath the sun shall shine again for in this world we are connected this is our destiny until the message is acceptance peace will never be tell time with the rhythm go fast or go slow just groove to keep pace of the foot on the floor say fire sound in the drum steady rocking out to the creation here now to reason seize it in season being a breathing being receiving breeze bring forward what wisdom is seeking all together on the one
destruction 04:55
another version reggae version a slow burn vision meditation there's no creation without destruction free the fire inside of you this here version fusion version a rude and rootsie proclamation in every action reverberation be careful what you do make way for the Boss DJ another version punky version up in the valley of decision the stream it bend a new direction behold, a simple truth this here version vital version word sound power revolution across the nation one-thousand miles the dancers twist one-thousand styles
who knows why the bubbles rise why the kelp is green who of you can tell me why they all swim better than me the jellys glow octopus has ink my fins are so damn short i think i'm gonna sink yesterday the coral cut me now my tail is grey and then i got so hungry i almost took the bait my brother ate the hook maybe its not so bad they hauled him up the sky on high now he gets to fry i'm so small sure to get tossed back left bleeding from the mouth to slowly fade to black big fish small pond lost among the deep bound to be drowned out here on the edge amongst the reeds
Time 05:58
can no one hold cant no one stop each precious drop and in the morn i saw a rainbow thru my window each moment now is passing by is come and gone feels like home the birds are singing in the morning forever now for how ever long is all i want is all i've got to give and so i feel the i and live this life with upfullness and oneness until time time it slip away it fly on by so spend it wise and in the garden of today there's room to grow for those who watch or punch the clock its all the same begin again the present breath never repeating so sudden when tomorrow turns to yesterday is feelin fast or going slow all in my head so make a move go forth unto and seize today in evening time across the bay i see lights shine foolishly we make believe in endings all thru the night they dance and sweat to feel the groove close your eyes open your mind to see the way the stars come out and flash it makes me wonder
although this road this ride this wave this time can be a heavy load wont lose this soul this heart this love this mind this is all i know so thru the cold ill be alright and stay until sunrise then just like the light just like the light shines
youniverse 05:26


Headlamp, like all of BURNT's albums, is the result of collaboration. The feel of the record is shaped by the musicians and producers we joined with to create it. The presence of England-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Nathan McCoy AKA Rivel gives the album it's distinct bass-heavy sound. The tracks produced by Sacramento based producer Jamal Siurano AKA Intocogni (of Iconoclast Robot) lend the album his trademark smooth grooves. Headlamp also features two tracks produced by the band's friend and fellow pumpkin-eater Ian Nagy AKA Cro-Nag. The album's track Leaflyfe features a verse from the incomparable artist Karmic Basis, with vocalist Benjamin Cook (of Beyond Rhythm) singing the hook. See track listing for more details.


released June 20, 2014

1. intro (produced by intocogni and BURNT)
2. be like water (produced by Rivel and BURNT)
3. boombox (produced by Rivel and BURNT)
4. amsterdam (produced by Rivel and BURNT)
5. mumia (produced by Rivel and BURNT)
6. leaflyfe (Featuring Karmic Basis and Benjamin Cook, produced by Karmic Basis and BURNT)
7. last september (produced by Rivel and BURNT, engineered at SoundCarrier Studios, UK. Written by Benno Robison and BURNT)
8. begin again (produced by Cro-Nag and BURNT)
9. daylights a burnin (produced by intocogni and BURNT)
10. destruction (produced by Rivel and BURNT)
11. small fish big pond (produced by Rivel and BURNT)
12. time (produced by Rivel and BURNT, featuring Joe Ransom on guitar)
13. legendary (produced by intocogni and BURNT)
14. youniverse (produced by Cro-Nag and BURNT)


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Burnt California

BURNT music is a psychedelic and soulful blend of reggae, ska, punk and hip-hop sounds. Inspired by DIY artist subculture, this California based band has independently produced 11 albums of original music. Originally formed in 2003, BURNT continues to tour extensively on the west coast of the U.S. and Canada. ... more


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