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by Burnt

Distraction 04:46
distraction - i find i fight to focus my generation: always so complacent my generation: always so impatient we need to get some i-ration past the the mis-information reality be my education can't take no more distraction
Jill's Party 02:17
i don't wanna eat tonight i don't wanna sleep tonight i just wanna fuck with the pigs. (oink oink oink.) here piggy piggy.
The Oilman 09:06
punky people of the world unite break free those chains that bind, down with the oilman him try to fight the global councious mind. fear is breeding misery blood gets spilt for gasoline what kind of world are we living in when blood less precious than gas? how you gonna dance dance dance if ya got no rhythm how you gonna move me move me move if you got no soul we just wanna live live live live in the one love nation so we gonna rock you rock you rock until you lose control.
808 07:01
listen there will never be another like me- me and my lover tonight we are tight tomorrow we're getting stronger, watch her when she's in the mood you better run for cover- there will never be another like me me and my lover. mysterious but she's life's sweetest mystery yeah baby i'm down for you definatly gimmie those hips with a twist gimmie those lips like candy that ass is like a drug to me, and i'm craving i'm craving. mysterious but she's life sweetest mystery no woman i'm not afraid of monogomy, i love you baby but i don't love stress i love you lady but i don't love stress- living in love is a perfect mess. i wasen't trying to be mean lost in my dreams so i left the scene- now she's craving she's craving.
Truth Is 02:46
see i believe in one love but i ain't no hippie most cats wanna trip cause they mental shifty paranoia will distroy your ass like titans clash just blown from the gun-powder flash and it's a shame we fight so man battles before the wars broken swords wounded winded wasted clever attributes i bring to the light the sight of things modified nigga raise your rights we fuss and fight over words dumb stares, chicks and liquor cocaine and dividens so i fully extend my arm out for some peace but that shit's a joke as long as niggas stay broke and the addicts blow smoke it's gonna stay drama flesh eat flesh like jeffery domer just splurge on osama U.S. the primma-donna far-west in the heart of the death we sun-bathe still stompin' with the unsaved the mark of my grave why are they fussin' and fightin' i wanna know- truth is: i don't wanna fuck with diablos word is: forward force nigga that's my motto. why are they fussin' and fightin' i wanna know- truth is: be the roots that'll always prevail word is: fuckin' petty fights i stay on bail i seen beauty in the ugliest ways made life from the gloomiest days flat broke but i knew we would bathe and come clean without a frest-cut fade and write it down on a note-book page it's that simple however the mind ain't we blank out for cash flows waitin' for the thick fine ass to do the damn flow in that case i hate to fuck up your show you've been a boss for three years in a row wakie wakie bottom ends turn to days i could only put efforts away from self in so many ways only this many times; that many motivational lines before i call it quits and focus on what's mine but i ain't athiest the most high got a plan when i hear that solemn call i'm gonna take my stand karmic basis is the evolution balance of things as the day brings light you're rockin' with two kings.
D.I.Y. 03:55
good evening we're concerned citizens of the united states of america we're representitave of the youth and tonight we're here to make our statement against western imperialism and hopefully, if at all possible, make a reparation for all those Iraqi soldiers who were tourtered in the Middle East we hope to do the job that our government has not done so far and send our hearts out to all the men and women who are dying overseas this is a brutal war that needs to end now we're messengers from Stu Miller this is our symbolic statement against donald rumsfeld (who should be fired) and president bush who needs to go. and this is dedicated to Tyler Sullivan who's a devout catholic. down with western imperialism.
Uprising 08:09
hey mr. president a message from the youth today would you stop with your bullshit games we need some equality. when colombus said he discovered america he was a liar when bush says he freed iraq well that mans a liar a liar. freedom: a mentality not from public policy freedom: a mentality don't come from no public policy. up, put it taller uprising uprising. up take it higher uprising uprising. hey people now tell me what you see i see polluted water rising up around me downpressor i tell you what i see: i see my people rising, rising up around me. my people now i hear what you say we head for higher ground- i don't see no other way. downpressor now you hear what i say uprising uprising we risin' up today. to the youth of america don't it seem so strange? we're talking revolution but we never see no change president of america fooled us once more- re-electecd you expect us to follow you to war.
hey up under the reggae sun the party had only begun and i'm already gone 'cause nothing matters when you're punk. hey across the reggae land we're marching with only one demand all equality, give the earth back to the people seen. harder i feel like a fish outta water hey up under the reggae skies i and i would never try- try to live that way it's all inside of me righteous livity. hey up under the reggae moon African justice overdue judgment coming soon, judgment coming soon. harder i feel like a fish outta water.
when i was jsut a little boy when i was in pain my father come to rescue me he place his hands on my chest said: son breathe gather up your pain give it all to me. gather up your pain and give it all to me gather up your pain and give it all to me gather up your pain and give it all to me gather up your pain and give it all to me i've grown into a man and i've found my girl jah jah put her in my life to rock upon my world i'd give my eyes to never see her bleed gather up your pain baby give it all to me. i look into the future that lies ahead i see the struggle struggle the struggle for my bread i wonder how long we're fighting to be free gather up your pain people give it all to me.
Resin 03:39
it comes in waves those were the days they went down smooth sensimilla through ice-cubes orange patty suns blueberry skies you could see the smile set in my sea haze eyes we'd smoke that skunk to feel the funk we were fuckin' drunk on vibes. but tonight i've been scrapin' just to get by these days i'm strugglin to get high i smoke 'till i choke but there's not enough resin dust i got chronic lust need your love tonight it comes in waves these are the days they feel so right playing our music everynight some people get salty and mad but why i never will know 'cause yesterday and days before we tried to get it right but tonight i've been scrapin' just to get by these days i'm strugglin to get high i smoke 'till i choke but there's not enough resin dust i got chronic lust need your love tonight
Indio Sun 06:04
Original music just want you to know: we got hip-hop roots rock and soul.


BURNT's album "Chorro" released in 2005 is both a drama and comedy! Inspired equally in part by a degenerate president, love of sex and sunsets, punk rock parties and burnt cooking. A tasty treat!


released February 23, 2005


all rights reserved



Burnt California

BURNT music is a psychedelic and soulful blend of reggae, ska, punk and hip-hop sounds. Inspired by DIY artist subculture, this California based band has independently produced 11 albums of original music. Originally formed in 2003, BURNT continues to tour extensively on the west coast of the U.S. and Canada. ... more


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