Wake Up

from by burnt.



hits my heart
hits my soul
it's got control
wake up wake up
to another day
wake up wake up
to a concious way
it's a genisis of creation
layed upon your nation

get up and rise
to the morning skies
the sun is high
for revolution time

have you ever watched the sunrise
have you ever felt the sunrise
through a break in the clouds the trees rest
another house-light flips on
the smoke-stacks
the fog
distinguished from the smog
the urban expirence of the sun rising
contrasted to the expance of the mountianous horizion
set your eyes to zion
break of day
where will it stop
rembreandt strokes on the atmosphere
clouds whisper: art
have you ever felt the sunrise
have you ever expirenced the sun rise

hits my
hits my eyes
it's a sign
get up get up
to another night
get up get up
to councious light
let the guiding star show you the path
the path to the right

get up and rise
to the starlit skies
the moon is high
revolution time.


from Esperanza, released April 20, 2006


all rights reserved



burnt. California

BURNT music is rebel music: a psychedelic and groovy blend of reggae, ska, punk rock and hip-hop sounds. Building on DIY traditions of many influential punk and reggae bands before us, we manage our own tours & have independently produced 10 albums of original music. At the center of our sound is a call for social and environmental justice for all! Free your mind with BURNT music! ... more


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