from by burnt.



hey mr. president

a message from the youth today

would you stop with your bullshit games

we need some equality.

when colombus said

he discovered america

he was a liar

when bush says he freed iraq

well that mans a liar

a liar.

freedom: a mentality

not from public policy

freedom: a mentality

don't come from no public policy.

up, put it taller



up take it higher



hey people now tell me what you see

i see polluted water rising up around me

downpressor i tell you what i see:

i see my people rising, rising up around me.

my people now i hear what you say

we head for higher ground-

i don't see no other way.

downpressor now you hear what i say

uprising uprising we risin' up today.

to the youth of america

don't it seem so strange?

we're talking revolution but we never see no change

president of america fooled us once more-

re-electecd you expect us to follow you to war.


from Chorro, released February 23, 2005


all rights reserved



burnt. California

BURNT music is rebel music: a psychedelic and soulful blend of reggae, ska, punk and hip-hop sounds. Building on the DIY tradition of many influential punk and reggae bands before us BURNT has independently produced 10 albums of original music. The band weaves heady lyrics, raw melodies and steady rhythms with endless variants of roots driven musical styles into a distinct and vibrant sound. ... more


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