The Wretched

from by burnt.



all this aggression
nazi pressure
fuck the USA
we're never livin' that way
revolution is the day
hear what i say
pacified is a crime
if our children gonna die
or violent revolution
or violent revolution
or violent revoultion
what's it gonna be?

we will find a way
we will find a way
we will find a way
we've got to find it

peter, bunny, bob said it
stand up for your rights
everybody get it?
(bring it)
raise your rights
love your life
stakes is high
rock for light
seems so fuckin' clear to me
live up to reality
big brother is watching you
corrupt governments
abuse the rules
so the poor stay poor
the needy stay needy
in a capitalist state
everybody's greedy
not we- no
we give it away instead
never satisfied
'til the hungry get fed

battle against oppression
rythem is my weapon
sound is my obsession
a history lesson:
granada, uganda, guatamala, panama
heroshima, nagasaki...
i could never name them all
see empires rise
and empires fall
when i was a boy
they broke down the Wall
use the power of your numbers
put an end to the plunder
raise a fist; fuck a flag
we're never going under
all downpressed people
come together
sister brother
father mother
it's now or never.


from Esperanza, released April 20, 2006


all rights reserved



burnt. California

BURNT music is rebel music: a psychedelic and soulful blend of reggae, ska, punk and hip-hop sounds. Building on the DIY tradition of many influential punk and reggae bands before us BURNT has independently produced 10 albums of original music. The band weaves heady lyrics, raw melodies and steady rhythms with endless variants of roots driven musical styles into a distinct and vibrant sound. ... more


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